Friday, May 7, 2010

From Ed Hamann

I know I keep the authors of HamannEggs limited to just me and Grover, but my dad sent us this note yesterday while he was watching the kids. I think it sums Elijah and Luca up nicely. Take it away dad...

Some of my favorite things about your boys: Luca - when he smiles at me, that he is a good eater, how he gets his bouncy chair really going!, his chubby legs. That's about it, but hey, he's only 6 months!

Eli: How he says Grandma Connie, and Grandpa Ed, how happily he said Grandpa Ed when I came home for lunch today (but that excitement quickly ended when I had to tell him TV time was up!), the way he pronounces "yes" - just cracks me up, the way he runs on his tip toes, his inquisitiveness, that he is a good eater, that he goes potty on his own! - and is insistent on washing his hands after, how he laughs when I tickle him, that he is polite!

They are great and much fun. Connie had them mostly alone Wednesday and today since I was at work, but tomorrow is my turn! I'm confident things will run like a well-oiled machine. I hope you are having a wonderful time and geting relaxed!! Dad/Ed

Thanks, Dad and Connie. You've made our terrible, terrible sunburns all the more enjoyable.

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