Monday, May 10, 2010

Baby Bombardier

We made it back from Mexico rested, happy and near the top of the list for liver transplants.

On the flight home, I did wonder if Luca and Elijah acquired any grandparent-related bad habits while we were gone. You know, jelly bean addiction or an uncontrollable desire to wear pants.

But it seems they are the same two cuter than cute kids we left a week ago. With one notable exception: Luca wakes up at 6am now. Not just in a stumbling around the room, “Don’t talk to me before my first coffee” way. He wakes up ready to GO. When he flopped around like a fish this morning, I used all my mental powers to will him back to sleep. But my mental powers were destroyed by tequila.

I carted him downstairs and decided if we were up, we might as well get some exercise in. You see, there is still an outside chance we can avoid the dreaded flat-head helmet with Luca. His doctor said if he stays off his head during waking hours and gains enough strength in his neck, we can avoid any embarrassing headwear. Unless Diana gets into knitting.

His doctor gave us a list of baby neck bulging exercises. Like any advice from a medically trained professional, I immediately tossed them out. My mode for hugefying his neck is to lay on my back and place Luca on my legs in the classic “Superman” position. It’s great because: A) It does actually help his neck. B) It takes almost no effort from me. C) He laughs like a lunatic when I do it.

The only bummer is now that Luca’s first tooth is imminent, huge cascades of drool fall from his mouth while he laughs. Strafing the tiny inhabitants who live in my chest hair. I imagine him humming, “Ride of the Valkyries” as he lays waste to my torso with his milky goo. Usually, I can tip him up before his drool hits me and scoop the drool onto his own onsie. He doesn’t seem to mind. But sometimes I time it wrong and he turns my belly button into lake Michigan.

p.s. My dad sent me the following Eli story from last week:

“Connie and I have been having fun sharing Eli stories. I think my favorite is: Eli was supposed to be napping one day. Connie heard him roaming around upstairs. You probably are not even aware of a storage area behind Noah's bed; there is a small door which gets into it. Anyway, Eli had found a flash light and was exploring the storage area. Connie asked where he was, and Eli said, "nowhere." And to what it was he was doing, the answer was "nothing." That one just cracks me up!”

I think he should start a grandpa blog.

p.s.s. I don’t have any new Luca photos, so enjoy this pic of Rory, the cutest cousin ever.

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