Thursday, March 11, 2010


We try to keep Luca away from other babies. Mostly because babies are little germ factories who won’t be happy until every other baby on the planet has the sniffles. But also because other babies put thoughts in his head.

Somewhere over the last couple weeks, some nosey baby heard that Luca was sleeping through the night. He or she straightened him out double quick. “Um, Luca. Listen. You’re making the rest of us babies look bad. You need to be waking up at MINIMUM, two times a night. You want to get us fired from our baby jobs? Keep it up. Or maybe you want to play ball and make your parents suffer a little. I’m just sayin’…”

Over the last week, Luca has been a regular, non Greatest Baby In The World baby. He’s been howling 2-3 times a night. Much to our chagrin. Diana is starting to get that 1,000 yard stare. Calls to home are rather one sided. The home side being a series of grunts and moans.

So it was this mindset that Diana had to take Luca to the pediatrician yesterday. Aside from our doc remarking at how flat his head is (and recommending a $4,000 head-rounding treatment), she dropped the bomb that Luca needed a barrage of shots.

The doc shot him up with disease prevention and he immediately began screaming bloody murder. Can you blame him. But then he retaliated in the most awesome way ever. He gave Diana the silent treatment.

Diana said he angrily ignored her for the rest of the day. He sulked. It just kills me that he figured out how to sulk. Diana would get in his face to kiss him or goo goo gaa gaa at him and he wouldn’t make eye contact. He just stared into space, pissed. I can just hear her saying, “Is something wrong, Luca? Are you mad?” And he silently responds, “No. I’m not mad. I’m just TIRED.”

He also retaliated by waking up 4 times last night to cry. Diana is only able to say two words today. “I’m” and “tired.”

p.s. The HamannEggs family just got a little bit more awesome. Tom and Judy Warchol had a baby girl. Iris Payton Warchol. Rory Hamann, the only other girl born to our clan, was ecstatic all day yesterday but didn’t know why.

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