Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Diana and I decided to take a stand against TV. Well, Diana decided to take a stand against TV and I said, “That sounds fine, dear.” Elijah inherited his father’s addictive personality and he LOVES TV.

The other day I tried a test. I stuck my face in front of his face while Elmo was on. He craned his neck to see. Then I moved in his way. He craned his neck further. I moved in his way. Eventually he fell of the couch. Whatever injuries he sustained were lessened by his ability to see Elmo again from floor level.

So Diana instituted a no TV after 9am rule. Eli spent the entire day Sunday saying, “DG? DG?” But Diana and I are tough customers. We said, “No! No TV. But we will go buy you $100 in new toys to distract you.” So we bought him a bunch of plastic jungle animals and a tool kit and some blocks. What’s that word when milk stays around way after its due date?

I excitedly tore into the toys in Eli’s room.

“Oooh look. Elephants! You love elephants!”


“No. No TV. Let’s play the game where peace loving townspeople build beautiful high-rises and then the Elijah Monster destroys them.”


“No. No TV. Here. Take this block. I’ll give you one free shot at my face.”


Thankfully, Eli’s addition seems to have waned over the last few days and he only asks for TV 80% of the day.

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