Thursday, April 28, 2016

Luca Hair

Luca has some strong opinions. For example, he flat out refuses to read borrowed books. He threw a tremendous fit the other night when our neighbors dared to offer their Harry Potter book to us. He can’t seem to articulate what makes him so crazy about it. He just shrieks, “I! Don’t! Want! Used! Books!” I can feel Diana’s eyes on me when he does this.

I don’t have the heart to tell him every book he touches at school is dripping with Cooties.

His latest thing is not wanting to cut his hair. Ever again. According to Schuyler the sitter, he had a barber chair conversion a few weeks ago and decided to go the way of Samson.

Elijah was born for long hair. He seemed to exit the womb with blonde, wavy surfer locks.  Luca, on the other hand, wasn’t really build for long hair, which I blame 100% on his Hamann genes.

With his mousy coloring and stubby, bowlegged stance (all mine), his long hair gives him a decidedly Hobbit appearance. I keep expecting him to start hanging out with 400 year old Elves and mumbling about “his precious.” Which, to be clear, would be amazing.

But, like all parenting, I didn’t want his hair to reflect poorly on me. So we forced him to head to a super expensive Evanston salon. Yes, it was my hair salon. So I wanted him to play it cool and not throw a fit, which could ruin my rep among the gay people.

After much bribing and promising of gifts, Luca sat for a styling. We warned the stylist in the most patronizing way possible that “This one is a little nervous about getting his hair cut today,” wink wink. Ugh.

Of course Luca sat quietly and chatted cheerfully with the stylist and acted like a dream child. And his hair looked terrific, for three full days.

Eli, of course, got seemingly yards cut off his hair, but ended up looking exactly the same as he always does.

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