Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Eve 2015

We’re in Mexico for this New Year’s Eve. At present, we are glued to our screens, giving the pristine Puerto Vallarta beach outside our hotel room a collective middle finger.

The Odyssey traveling here is worth its own post, so I’ll save it for later.

Even though we are currently ignoring each other, I feel the Hamann Clan is closer than ever, having survived a demolished house, a few personal crisis, a Disney trip, two, count ‘em two robberies and Kindergarten.

It’s tradition on HamannEggs for me to write a little note to each of the eggs. So here goes.

Dear Elijah,

Thank the Maker you are still the smart, funny, beautiful little guy who breaks my heart every time you look into my eyes. It gives me such sick pleasure to see the jealousy on the other parents’ faces when they marvel at how sweet and kind you are compared to their dullard children. How did you get this way?

Dear Luca,

Oh, my little weirdo. You are so creative, so imaginative, so friggin’ funny. I hope you never forget that little world you’ve created, Luca Land. I hope you continue to draw and write and sing and scrunch your face up in battles against AT-STs and dragons and The Hulk. How did you get this way?

Dear Diana,

Oh yeah. You’re how they got this way. Despite working your butt off slinging wine and rebuilding our house and attending every parent teacher conference and guitar lesson, you’ve managed to find the time to turn our boys into funny, smart, caring beautiful little souls. They, and I, owe you everything.

Dear Grover,

You need a bath. Bad.

I love you all.

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