Friday, November 27, 2015


Oh Luca. How I wish you’d wear a paper hat all day every birthday from now on. But who knows? You are such a terrific kid that you may not give a crap that society may not accept your paper hat lifestyle.

As Luca x-ed out the calendar days leading up to November 25th, I wanted, no, needed to make sure he was getting everything he wanted. I wanted Six to be the greatest day of his life.

Are you sure you just want “art stuff and music stuff?” Don’t you want Star Wars Battlefront for the Xbox One? Which would require the purchase of an Xbox One? No? Really? Well, maybe I should buy it just in case you’ll want to play it.

The evening before the big day, Diana informed me that her trunk was filled with presents needing wrapped. I said, “Is it an insane amount of presents?” She gleefully nodded.

And it was. There was enough music equipment to make John Lennon puke. And enough art supplies to make Yoko also puke. Elijah, in an act of brotherly love, offered to help me wrap. He soon shared in my Zen-like love for perfect corners and scratching the tape to make it invisible.

The morning of the big day was simply lovely. As a very last minute hedge to get good presents, Luca kissed and hugged us and told us how much he loved us. The attack on the presents was brutal, but short. And he actually liked the art stuff and music stuff.

Diana was equally concerned that we go to a great restaurant for Luca’s birthday night. The needy little drunks at the wine store wouldn’t let her take the day off, so she wanted a great meal.

Luca chose The Firehouse, the bar slash restaurant my brother and I take the kids every single Saturday without fail. Diana gently nudged him to fancier fair like Red Lobster because she didn’t want to shatter the wait staff’s illusion that Steve and I are single dads. But his decision was final.

Luca chose correctly because he was treated like a Firehouse celebrity. The bartender sent over a can of pineapple juice. Our server was adamant that she serve a “bucket of cookies” and the busboys sang a roaring rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

And is our custom, we went around the table to say what we loved about Luca. Here are the highlights: Luca, never has there been a funnier, sillier, cuter boy to walk the Earth. We love your vivid imagination, your flights into “Lucaland.” You love us fiercely and passionately. You are artistic sensitive and creative. You make us laugh.

Even Eli had to admit, “I love you because you are a good brother.”

I love you pal.

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