Friday, December 5, 2014

Homework Stoppage

Aside from the complete destruction of our home, Diana’s sickness this week has another side effect: Elijah has decided to stop doing his homework.

Now, if he is not destined to be able to catch a ball or play guitar (like he was really going to keep up with that) I was kind of hoping he would be a scholastic superstar.

I’m not doubting his intelligence. He’s a brilliant little kid. As evidenced by his ability to find Minecraft videos on Youtube and his uncanny ability to manipulate me at a third grade level.

He just flat out refuses to do his math and spelling and reading junk. Diana called me the other night and asked me to yell at him about it. He got on the line and sounded all weepy and whined that it was too haaaard and there was too much to do.

I explained that when I have a lot to do at work, I just break it up into smaller pieces and go little by little until I’m done. In other words, I lied. But he seemed to buy it and I went back to being overwhelmed at the office. Work is too haaaard.

But when I arrived home the work was strewn over the dining room table, unfinished.

Eli was chasing Luca around and I blurted out, “Get your ass in that seat and do your homework!”

Thus, ringing in the first time I swore at my son. That he knows of. Time stood still and Eli looked at me, shocked.

“Daddy. You said the A word at me.”

I immediately regretted my A-offense. I sat down next to him and said I was sorry. I was frustrated by him and lost my temper. But I still loved him very much.

I then helped him finish his homework by doing all the problems myself, thus giving Eli what he wanted all along.

I told you he was brilliant.

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