Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jane Carwell

We lost my Mom this week.  She hasn’t been a huge fixture of the HamannEggs storyline, as her health has been in slow decline for years now.  But it doesn’t mask the pain we feel at her passing, which was sudden and tragic.

Here’s the Jane I like to remember. 

I remember her playing 70’s tunes on the piano, begging us to join in her in singing John Denver’s “Some Days Are Diamonds.” 

I remember her shoplifting Star Wars toys for Christmas because we were too poor to afford them.

I remember her flirting her way out of countless speeding tickets on route 80, sometimes blaming her speed on the three boys rolling around in the back of her station wagon.

I remember her driving us to grade school in her nightgown.  Much to the delight of every crossing guard on the route.

I remember her panicked pleas for us to stop playing Dungeons and Dragons after she watched the Tom Hanks movie, “Mazes and Monsters.”

I remember her rock hard meatloaf and taco pie. 

I remember her tears whenever we left for a weekend visit to my Dad’s house.

I remember her makeshift birthday party in second grade.  Where she made us sit in a circle and play hot potato with a real potato.

I remember her trying to make escargot in the microwave, resulting in a stinky explosion.

I asked the boys to say something nice they remember about their Grandma Jane. 

Luca said, “She gave me a snack when I was hungry.”

Elijah said, “She was nice and had a little video game we got to play.”

I remember that for all her problems, all her demons, she loved us with her whole heart.  I will miss her.

Goodbye Jane.  You were loved.

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Dan Consiglio said...

I'm really sorry for your loss, Rick. Sounds like she really, really loved you guys. And that's a great mom in my book.