Friday, September 21, 2012


This whole reading business started a long time ago.  When Elijah was in pre-school.  I was sitting in our bed, reading stories to him and Luca when Diana suggested he read to ME.

Yeah, right.  Eli produced a hand made, hand colored book filled with preprinted drawings of a bird and worms and stuff.

He began to read, “It is spring.  Mommy bird sees a stick.  Mommy bird sees a tree.  Mommy bird builds a nest.  Mommy bird sits on the eggs.  The eggs hatch.  Mommy bird sees a worm.  Mommy bird feeds the babies.”

I immediately declared it a hoax.  There is no way this child could read.  He was clearly just using the pictures as a guide. 

Denial is my very best friend.  Because when they learn things, which means they are growing.  Which means they are growing up.  Which means they will eventually leave me.  And that is not something I can stomach.

Slowly but surely, I’ve come to the realization that my son can, in fact, read.  He calls out stop signs on the road.  He reads ahead in most of his children’s books.  Can pick out which sugar cereal we won’t purchase for him at Jewel.  

His school sent home a big poster of the alphabet and words that he loves to read from.  You know, A is for apple, B is for Braunschweiger.  He isn’t exactly plowing through The Odyssey, but he is definitely combining letters to form words.  

I’d put his reading ability at “Slack-Jawed Yokel” level.

p.s.  Today’s photo is with my pal Patrick’s son JB.  Go get ‘em, JB!

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