Friday, September 7, 2012

Mystery Toe Girl

This morning, I was taking my daily shower and marveling once again at my rapid expansion of body hair when Elijah called from the kitchen.

“Dad!  Mom says I have to get in the shower with you so I’ll be clean for school!”

“Climb aboard.”

Elijah gleefully jumped in and took over position under the water.

“Hey Dad.  Remember when we were in the shower that one time and we both peed?  I’m peeing now!”

“Great.  Say…how is Kindergarten going, man?”


“Are you having fun?”


“Have you made any new friends?”


“Who is your favorite friend?”

Eli lit up like a firecracker, “The girl with the broken toe!”

Oh yeah.  Her.  The only thing Elijah seems to have remembered from his first week of school is one of his classmates broke her toe and it was all twisty and bent and the nail looked gross.  And so forth.

I said, “Oh cool.  What’s her name?”

“I don’t remember.”

“Your best friend at school is someone whose name you can’t remember?”

“She broke her toe!”

I mentioned that if he wanted this girl to stay his best friend, he may want to learn her actual name.  Elijah looked at me like I was nuts and we commenced washing his mop top.

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