Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sorry gang,

We're in the middle of moving to Denver. So I don't have very good stories or internet access. Thankfully, my dad and stepmom are taking care of the boys. So I'm going to let my dad take over the blog today, in the form of an email to me earlier.

"The boys decided to awaken a bit early today; both by about 5:55. Luca has definite thoughts about what he wants to eat - this morning oatmeal not so much. A bit of it is still in his hair; maybe he will have it later. I probably exaggerated the 40% walking, but it has certainly increased. He was less interested in opening the double living room family room doors this morning and has been content being contained in the family room. When naps and bed time are right for him, it is so cool - 32 seconds of crying and then out!

Eli is watching LOTS of TV; sorry about that. But I regularly interupt him with attacks of the tickle monster, some playing with cars, and stories. He too has gone to bed so easily, and is a very good eater.

So, I hope they have been having fun; I know I have - but I'm sure ready for my bed at night and don't even cry for 32 seconds!

I hope all goes well today with the furniture drop off, and that your trip back tomorrow goes well too, Rick. I will be at Joy's tomorrow, but Connie will be home all day. Dad."

p.s. Luca walks now? It's a shocker to us.
p.s.s. Eli watches a ton of TV? It's not a shocker to us.
p.s.s.s I'll make up for lost time next week with lots of awesome blogs.
p.s.s.s.s. My dad is awesome.

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