Thursday, December 23, 2010

Connie Hamann

Hey gang,

I'm finally in Denver with the boys. I'm too fried to write a proper post, so I'll let my stepmom, Connie, guest write today via an email she sent a couple days ago:

"Hope things are all falling into place and your are not completely overwhelmed or exhausted.

Things here are way good and just wanted to let you know that we haven't turned Eli's brain to mush with T.V. He has been delightful all day with helping me make best ever turkey sandwich for him and grandpa ed for lunch as well as chex mix for dad when he arrives. (Speaking of rick's arrival, here is the bittersweet -- When I told him Rick would be here for dinner he wanted to know if dana could come instead and then fox when he struck out with dana! He has also helped with laundry, making beds, etc. I am not sure what he does in the bathroom as he likes his privacy but do know it involves lots of singing.

Luca has been great as well and lots of "beeps" with noses and I'm pretty sure with as much as he has eaten today that ed couldn't have fed him yesterday!

All of that to say, we are soooooooo glad to have had these few days with them(and don't tell ed but glad I didn't even have to share them with him today)"

p.s. Thanks Connie.

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