Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bro’s Nest Is On The Air

The boys watch an awful lot of Youtube videos. Mostly they watch other people play videogames, but they spend an amazing amount of time watching Family Vloggers. These are regular dopes, from Florida mostly, who point a camera at themselves and share it with the world.

Nothing drives me crazier than when Elijah and Luca watch these things. I find it disturbing that people will reveal the inner workings of their private lives, their most embarrassing moments, for the entertainment of others. There is a little siren going off in my head screaming “Irony Alert! Irony Alert!” Yeah, I get it. I’ve been blogging about E and L and their poops for almost 10 years. Maybe it’s the blatant money grab from some of them, “Ooh. Our family just received an anonymous box of toys and French fries.” Or maybe it’s the fact that they have literally millions and millions of fans.

I like to bellow, “No fake families!” whenever they boys watch.

So imagine my delight when Luca asked me to set up their own Youtube channel. I moaned and moaned about it, but when Luca gets his heart set on something, the human race is simply better off just to do it. The fact they wanted to call it “The Bro’s Nest” in homage to a silly little joke I made sealed the deal.

In an effort to take nearly all of the fun out of it, I declared the following rules:

1.     Never say your name.
2.     Never say where you live.
3.     No comments section.
4.     Tasteful nudity only.
5.     No Dads on camera.

They wanted to do this thing called a Baby Food Challenge. Completely ripped off from a hundred other Family Vloggers. Basically it entails eating baby food and going, “Ew!”

I pointed my phone at them and they said, “Hi! This is Eli and Luca Hamann!” CUT!

Take 2. “Welcome to Evanston Illinois!” CUT!

This went on for a while until we ticked off all of the no-nos. In the end it was utterly cute and funny and they had a blast doing it. The video took 4 hours to upload and currently has 3 views. So they are fast on their way to becoming Youtube millionaires. Let the free French fries commence.

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