Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh Nu

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Elijah discovered the word “No.” He pronounces it “Nu.” But thankfully and cutefully, he doesn’t know how to use it correctly. It’s his go to answer for everything. Ask him if he wants breakfast and his response is, “Nu nu nu,” while he attempts to climb into his highchair.

“Eli, do you want to live with Elmo on Sesame Street AND have a million dollars?”

(Pause) “Nu?”

He also uses it to head us off at the pass when he’s in trouble. Elijah will be giving himself a birdbath in Grover’s water dish and while Diana runs over to scold him he’ll wag his finger and say, “Nu nu nu.” He uses this in combination with saying, “Hi!” in a gleefully happy voice when Diana is really angry with him. The cuteness instantly makes you forget his tomfoolery.

He got to use both weapons when we brought home our Christmas tree. I stumbled in the front door Sunday carrying the tree and I shouted to Eli, “Look! It’s a tree! But inside the house!” He shrugged his shoulders and went back to watching Elmo.

But as soon as Diana started unpacking our Mexican ornaments, Eli toddled over and said, “Cewl.”

“Did you just say, “‘Cool?’”


Steve and Pam and Rory and Finn entered for beers and tree trimming and Elijah said, “Finny!”

“Did you just say, “’Finny?’”


We were smart to attach all the breakable ornaments at 3+ feet and higher because Elijah’s favorite activity was removing low hanging fruit and hucking it across the living room.

“Elijah! Do not throw ornaments!”


(Hucks a new ornament into the kitchen) “Elijah Steven Hamann! No no no!”

(Wags his finger ridiculously cutely) “Nu nu nu.”

(Puts one ornament into his mouth while simultaneously throwing one at the dog) “Elijah! No no no! Not for babies!”

“Nu nu nu. Hi!”

It’s gonna be a long Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

How can you be sure he's not doing a hilariously bad Monty Python impression, like his nerdy dad?