Thursday, October 9, 2008


Occasionally at HamannEggs Headquarters the writing staff (me) gets into a bit of a rut. It’s hard to come up with things that are on the verge of being funny all the time. Especially when my interaction with the child during the week involves watching him watch Sesame Street in the morning and hearing him shout, “Hi dada!” from his crib when I get home at night.

So yesterday I tried to engage in a little HamannEggs reporting. I emailed Diana and asked her to pass along any funny, or poo-related stories. Her response, and this is a direct quote from my email inbox, was:

“How about that he's the cutest baby in the world. The world!!”

Jeeze. How am I supposed to keep readership above the 7 person level with material like that?

When I got home last night (after hearing Elijah shout, “Hi Dada!” from his crib), I sat Marianna down and asked her if Eli did anything funny that day. Her response was, “Oh. He is an angel. He is so smoochy. Soooooo smoochy.”

I said, “Yeah yeah. HamannEggs covered that July 8th. What else do you have?”

Marianna said, “Ohh. He say, ‘Ooo ooo aahh ahhh.’ Just like the Nemo movie!”

I said, “Do you even read HamannEggs? We did a story about that September 28th.”

Marianna said, “He’s smoochy.”

Diana promised me that she has some funniness from their visit to Story Time at the library. But I have to check her sources.

A big HamannEggs thank you to Juliet Greenberg, our friend who works at Pixar. She sent Eli an awesome Finding Nemo pillow, which is now a permanent member of Eli’s crib managerie. This morning Eli spend a half hour saying, “Ooo ooo aahh ahhh” to said pillow before saying his most favorite sentence, “Mama! Up up up!”

Then I get to say to Diana, “He’s asking specifically for you.” And then I go back to sleep.

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